Case Study

Conveyor Take Up Tower Wire Rope

Conveyor take up towers are used to apply constant tension to a conveying system through the use of a counterweight.

Catastrophic failure of the wire rope holding the counterweight is a common occurrence due to either excessive shock loading, or simply through deterioration of the rope from movement through the sheaves.

The wire rope in this case study had visible broken wires and the client wanted to know if the rope had to be replaced or if it could continue to be used.

The area of greatest wear was identified through visual inspection, this was then scanned using our residual field magnetic flux leakage equipment.

Analysis of the results revealed 13.03% Loss of Metallic Area (LMA) equivalent.

This pushed the rope over the ISO4309 10% discard criteria for non-rotation resistant wire rope.

In this case, the recommendation was to replace the rope as soon as practicable.

Take Up Tower Scan

Take Up Tower Scan

Broken Wire

Broken Wire

Conveyor Uptake Tower Inspection

Conveyor Take Up Tower Inspection

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